Making Energy Saving Easy

BlueDot makes it easy for you to understand your home energy use and find helpful tips, products and services that will save you money.

We offer BlueDot Advisor™, a home energy monitoring platform, to help you understand and reduce your energy bills. BlueDot Advisor is easy to install and there is no monthly subscription fee. You can access BlueDot Advisor through your smartphone or web browser.

BlueDot Advisor customers have already realized monthly savings of 20% or more by simple changes to habits, billing plans and upgrades to home appliances. Plus, they have the peace of mind knowing that they’re helping the environment.

Connecting Homeowners With Trusted Vendors

If BlueDot Advisor discovers an inefficiency in a home appliance, it will alert you and give you the option to repair or replace it. With just a few clicks, you can order upgrades and repair services from highly qualified technicians at savings of 20% to 30%.

Our Mission

What if your home could talk to you? What if it could suggest simple steps you can take, and the products, services and rebates that will help you save money? And what if acting on those suggestions was as simple as clicking on a button?

At BlueDot, our mission is to give your home a voice.

We help you understand what your home needs, and give you effortless connections to the knowledge, the products and the services that make your home more economical to run, more comfortable and more safe.

Our goal is to help you reduce the cost of running and maintaining your home by 20% or more.

How It Works

Sign Up

Register online or download the BlueDot iPhone app. Note: we are currently accepting a limited number of applicants into our free Pioneer Program.


You, or one of our affiliate technicians, install an energy monitoring device in your home. Every minute, the device transmits your energy usage information over a secure link to BlueDot’s servers.


Our cloud-based servers constantly analyze your home energy usage and use this information to create personalized money-saving recommendations and special offers. These recommendations are sent to the “Just For You” page in your BlueDot web browser or smartphone application.

Apply Today (it's free!)

We are welcoming a limited number of applicants to the BlueDot Advisor Pioneer Program. To be part of the Pioneer Program, you will need:

  • A broadband internet connection with at least one spare ethernet port
  • An iPhone or other iOS device (running iOS 7 or later)

If accepted into the Pioneer Program, you will receive a follow-up e-mail to schedule time for a licensed and bonded technician to install equipment in your home that monitors your home energy use. We use this information to analyze your usage patterns, detect inefficiencies, and to make recommendations on pragmatic steps you can take to reduce your energy bill.

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